There will be operating a school lessons reading room, in the centre of Academia for the chilren of members educating the first classes of Gymnasium and Lycium,from the forthcoming September of 2016
By the presence of degreed professors of humanic and positive sciences,who will be securing the organisation of time as well as the orderly approachment of exercises and the desirable learning result,the students will be preparing their clock programme’s lessons for the next day,by themselves.

We are aiming like this,to offer a hand of help to our friends-parents with a a very heavy daily schedule.

It is not among our ambitions to substitude the conventional fronstirio type,due to the fact that there will not be any lectures with the subjects’s overlap, neither will be given learning notes and etc. material.
The reading’s room will be operating daily,and it will last for 3 hours,from 15:00 till 18:00 in the area of the cultural-educational centre of Academia which is located at Socratous 2,address.