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Acade Cultural operates as a Center for Foreign Languages and Lifelong Learning , accredited by the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Professional Guidance (EOPPEP) Code License 2101676 / 2308482. Founded in Thessaloniki in May 2016 by young teachers. The main subject of our seminars and educational programs are Foreign Languages and Educational and Artistic Seminars.


Permanent priority of our Acade Cultural remains the teaching of foreign languages in a qualitative and methodical way and a permanent connection with the special characteristics of each country. The philosophy of our place is lifelong learning for all adults, regardless of age and educational level, with the ultimate goal of developing language and communication skills. At the same time, we respond with great success to the needs of our students who are interested in obtaining a degree through the program they are attending.

Both the time horizon of our courses and the experience of our teachers in adult education guarantee in-depth knowledge of every foreign language we teach. In addition, we always try to offer quality services at the friendliest prices on the market, sharing the needs of most of our fellow people to learn a foreign language in the most constructive and enjoyable way.

So far, Acade Cultural has offered study programs for over 12 different languages from around the world (Balkans, Middle East, Europe, Far East, Latin America) at all levels and plans to offer even more in the future. At the same time, Greek Language & Culture courses are provided for foreigners, under the guidance of an experienced teacher in multicultural student environments.

Head of Studies

Chrysa Makridou
Margarita Vafiadou

Lifelong Learning Center

The Acade Cultural Lifelong Learning Center is also active in the same area, which has a program of educational and artistic seminars that can be attended by those who are interested. Its program has included seminars in Creative Writing, Prose, Short Story, Novel, Photography, Text Editing, Translation, Language Dialects and various other topics.

Alongside our educational services, the venue also organizes many events and tributes of wider scientific, historical, geopolitical, cultural or artistic interest, open to the public, which complement the educational nature of our activities and strengthen the public profile of Acade Cultural as a a “laboratory” of knowledge and erudition, accessible to all.


What language should I choose?

With almost 200 countries and thousands of languages spoken among them, saying a simple 👋 "Hello" is one of the most basic and important in each of them. If this is enough for you, then you can see some examples below.

If what you are looking for is something more, then contact us and we will be more than happy to "travel" together to new worlds with different cultures.