The Bulgarian language is one of the 24 official languages of the European Union and an official language of Bulgaria. It is spoken not only by 7.5 million Bulgarians in Bulgaria, but by at least as many expatriates in Europe and around the world.

The Bulgarian language is the first Slavic language with its own script, created in the 9th century. As of January 1, 2007, the Cyrillic alphabet is the third official alphabet of the European Union, along with Latin and Greek.

The Bulgarian language is the language of the Bulgarian nationality, which was formed in the period of the VII-IX century, when the Slavic tribes together with the Balkan population (Thracians and Illyrians) and the Bulgars of Asparuch and Kuber formed the Bulgarian nationality. The adoption of Christianity unites the Bulgarian people in Mysia, Thrace and Macedonia and helps to create the Old Bulgarian language.

The Bulgarian language belongs to the large family of Indo-European languages ​​and belongs to the eastern group of South Slavic languages.

She is famous for her verbal richness. It covers over 200,000 words and their forms are ten times as many. The verb “cheta” (to read) alone has 52 forms.

In the Bulgarian language there are Slavic words and words from classical languages, such as Russian, Turkish, Arabic, as well as Western European languages. Over 5,000 new words, phrases and word combinations have been introduced into the language in recent decades.

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