Dutch belongs to the Indo-European languages, in the subgroup of Germanic languages. It was born from Low German, which was and still is spoken in Northern Germany.
The Dutch language is spoken in the Netherlands, in Flanders in the north of Belgium, as well as in areas bordering Germany and France. Dutch is very similar to German, less so to English, and almost identical to Low German. From Dutch evolved Afrikaans in western South Africa.
Today, it is the mother tongue of about 25 million people. Within the European Union, it ranks 7th in terms of native speakers. It is mainly spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium (in the Flemish part of the country), Suriname, Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles (both parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) and the French Westhoek. In South Africa and Indonesia (a former Dutch colony), Dutch is used as a source language for word formation.

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