The English language belongs to the Indo-European family and is the mother tongue of the majority of the inhabitants of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the English-speaking Caribbean.
It is the third language with the most native speakers in the world (335,000,000). It is used in almost all fields worldwide, such as technology, trade, communication, shipping, science, etc., as it is considered a Lingua Franca, i.e. a common dialect. In Greece, this knowledge is considered a “multitool”, as it is an important resource for finding a job, but also a means of operating a computer or even a mobile phone.
The demand for a good knowledge (level B2) of the English language is almost necessary both in Greece and abroad to find a job.

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Upon completion of the respective study cycles, Acade Cultural’s English language students can choose TOEIC or LRN language certification exams recognized by the Greek ASEP.

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