Italian is a Latin language belonging to the family of Indo-European languages and is spoken by about 70 million people mainly in Italy.

It is the language of culture. Knowing it means that you have access to a literary heritage of great importance for European history, to very valuable humanitarian and scientific texts, to Italian theatrical and musical production, opera, cinema and television.

It is the language of studies. There are many students who decide to attend Italian Universities.

It is the working language. Entrepreneurs, investors, technicians, workers, workers come into contact with the Italian industrial and craft world and the services in Italy that go beyond the borders of the country.

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Academic year

Courses – Levels:

Levels A1-B1

In 1 year of study (course 2 times a week / 4 hours)

Level A1-B2

In 2 years of study (course 2 times a week / 4 hours)

During the academic year:

Examining agencies

After the completion of the respective study cycles, students of the Italian Language of AcadeCultural can participate in the KPG language proficiency certification exams of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in the DIPLOMA exams of the Italian Educational Institute.

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