It belongs to the branch of East-Slavic languages, and is the most widely spoken among them. The Russian language has 160,000,000 native speakers, which makes it the first spoken language in Europe and the eighth in the world. Also the Russian language is one of the six official active languages in the UN.

The Russian language has a Cyrillic alphabet with 33 letters. Grammar and rich vocabulary make the Russian language quite challenging and therefore so beautiful to learn.

Knowing the Russian language opens up a vast new world of literature, history and rich culture.

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Academic year

During the academic year:

Examining agencies

Upon completion of the respective levels, AcadeCultural Russian language students can participate in the language proficiency certification exams conducted by Moscow State University “M.S.U. Lomonosov“, through its authorized body in Greece, the Russian Cultural and Scientific Center. The exams are held twice a year: in June and February.

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