Unlike the earlier years, when the Turkish language was considered “the language of the enemy” and its learning was limited to meeting the security needs of the country, today the knowledge of this language becomes more useful than ever for many reasons.


The Turkish language belongs to the group of agglutinative languages. This means that we add suffixes to the end of each word. It consists of 29 letters, the pronunciation of which does not present any particular difficulty, since each one is pronounced in a unique way.
Characteristic of Turkish are the “vowel harmony” rules, which help us decide which suffixes to add to the end of each word. Due to its difference from the classical European languages, its learning is challenging and piques the interest of the potential learner.

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Academic year

Courses – Levels:

Levels A1-B1

In 1 year of study (course 2 times a week / 4 hours)

Levels A1-B2

In 2 years of study (course 2 times a week / 4 hours)
During the academic year:

Examining agencies

After the completion of the respective courses, Acade Cultural’s Turkish Language students can participate in the language certification examinations conducted by the Ministry of Education (State Certificate of Language Proficiency) or in the examinations of the DILMER Institute of Istanbul.


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