The cultural-educational area”Academia” is a non-profitable Thessaloniki’s company, that it’s main goal of activity is to advance matters of cultural,scientific and social concern.

Academia aspires to becoming the tool for the reinforcement of  the cultural feautures of foreigner people and their interaction among us,creating at the same time an “air” of respect and acceptance of their different cultures.To this end,it’s pursued the acquaintance of the Greek audience to other cultures,emphasing like that to the deconstruction of stereotypes and advancing the intercultural contact by developing basic linguistic and communicative skills.Those skills will work as a presupossition for  the peaceful coexistance with foreigner people,as well as, to enforce the bonds among us.


The programme of the cultural demonstrations of Academia,comprises a broad spectrum of subjects,encouranging like that the reinforcement of the artistic expression and scientific inquiries.
Aiming like that, through it’s activities,to enhance the artistic expression in several sectors of arts like fine arts,literature,theatre,and cinema.It’s also aiming το aware and enlighten the audience and to help the liberal exchange of views and ideas regarding all the matters of historic,geopolitic,economic,social and cultural interest.

What we pursue as Academia is the reinforcement of social participation with the help of civilisation,of art and sciences, and the social offer by the form of educational reinforcent and by taking over an advising role towards other students and parents.In a broad spectrum it is pursued the pumping of a spirit that promotes the love for learning,tolerance,intercultural coexistance and acceptance of the “other”.